The Emergency Sanitation Project is a collaboration between IFRC, WASTE and Oxfam GB to solve some of the most difficult challenges with providing sanitation in emergencies.

The Emergency Sanitation Project aims to increase the global understanding of current and future emergency sanitation and to propose new concepts and modoular technologies for safe excreta disposal in emergency settings that are applicable in a variety of situations. A menu of options will be available through the development of specialised emergency sanitation modules, which are rapid to deploy and are cost -effective when compared with traditional solutions. We are looking at a wide range of issues - more information on which can be found in the specific areas on the left.
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Photos (c) Katherine Kernohan/Oxfam GB, IFRC

Latest News

November 2013

Webinar on Student Design Contest at 1800 GMT on Thursday November 21st.

Information and joining instructions here.

November 2013

Grants launched for the development of latrine kits - download the application:

The urinal design contest is in it's final stages. Vote for your favorite urinal here:

September 2013

Design a Bog Day has happened! Check out the results at Design a Bog Day.

12th April 2013

The student design contest for emergency wastewater has been launched Everything you need to enter is on the contest page.

The design contest for students and producers for emergency public urinal systems has been launched. Everything you need to enter is on the contest page.

20th March 2013

Tenders are being prepared for some of our research areas and will be available soon!