Brilliant Emergency Urinal

WASTE is participating in the Brilliant Sanitation for Billions Contest with the Brilliant Emergency Urinal.
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Indiscriminate urination and long toilet queues

In emergency camps lack access to sanitation often leads to indiscriminate urination, especially if there are long toilet queues. In addition the limited number of toilet that are there are used inefficiently. People who only need to go for a pee use the toilet that could be used by someone who needs to go for a poo.

Urinals as a solution to increase efficiency of toilets

The introduction of 'public' urinals is expected to boost the efficiency of existing toilets. A famous example is the 'Amsterdam' 'pissoir', see photograph. This will boost the use of sanitation facilities, reduce the waiting time for toilet and thus prolong the lifetime of pit and raised latrines. This urinal should be very attractive and safe to use, lightweight to transport by air to emergency situations and easy to install. The urinal needs to be equipped with a urine storage container. As a guide, a urinal that served fifty people and was emptied on a two weekly basis, with each person producing 1ℓ per person per day, the tank would need to be around 1m3.

Design Criteria

Nature of solution
A versatile kit for a urinal, consisting of the structure to raise the urinal and a container for collecting the urine which allows emptying.
The solution should be a block of urinals, an individual urinal or, ideally, be configurable to both situations.
Size and shape
Emergency organizations existing pit latrine slabs are 1200 x 800mm. The solution should preferably fit on the existing slab, although alternative solutions may be considered.
Male and female / adults and children
The solution may cater for male and female, adults and children.
Disabled Users
The solution may cater for disabled users, although this is not essential as alternative solutions could be found.
Minimum two years.
On arrival in the country, the solution will need to be man-handleable.
The solution should pack small for ease of shipping. Ideally, the solution will fit on an EUR-pallet.
Construction method
The solution should be quick and easy to use, requiring little or no skill.
Local Materials
The solution should be a complete kit, not requiring any materials to be sourced in country.